Launch X431 Bluetooth Adapter Using Tips

If you want to use Launch X431 PRO3/Pro Mini/Diagun IV to program Car via Bluetooth, you might have to get a Bluetooth adapter. These three Launch X431 products each have their own Bluetooth adapters. Here give some using tips about how to use Bluetooth adapters.
How to use the new Bluetooth DBScar Adapter that you get ?
  1. check the new serial number in the dbscar adapter, then check whether the serial number changed in your account or not first . If not , pls contact us immediately.
  1. Update your X431 Pro Mini , then it can be used .
Here comes the images of each Bluetooth adapters
We don’t have the link to get the Bluetooth adapter only, contract us if you want to buy.
Bluetooth adapter for Launch X431 PRO3 V +: 180USD
Bluetooth adapter for Launch X431 PRO MINI: 180USD
Bluetooth adapter for Launch X431 DiagunIV: 180USD
  1. Bluetooth adapter sale without software, it must use with Launch X431 PRO3 or Pro Mini or Digun IV. Make sure you have one of them. Please send SN and picture to us when get the order.
  2. We don’t have the signal link to purchase Bluetooth adapter, if you want to buy it, please contact us to get it. The Bluetooth adapter sale 180USD each.
  3. If you have any question when using, please turn to us, we will help you.
In order to get the Bluetooth connector as soon as possible, please check the info below.
  1. Serial number (SN) of your Device;
  2. Account name on Launch’s website;
  3. A picture with clear SN . (backside of the main unit or Passkey paper, or a screenshot of SN on main unit)

Launch CRP Touch Pro Diagnosis Car List and Special Function List

Launch CRP Touch Pro support full system diagnosis and Oil /EPB /SAS/DPF /BMS Reset functions, what’s more, it is good choice for AU Ford and Holden. This blog mainly introduce Launch CRP Touch Pro full system diagnostic car list and special functions list
1. Full system diagnostic
This functions has its own car list.
2. Oil \ EPB \ SAS\ DPF \ BMS Reset functions
CRP Touch Pro Oil reset list:
EPB reset:
SAS reset:
DPF reset:
BMS reset:

How to do BMW G-Series coding with BMW ICOM cable

I’ve collected all the useful coding tips from the BMW G series on the web and make a description here. I hope it helps.
Q:  Is it possible to code BMW G-series and which software? E-sys is not possible?
A:  Code the G series with  ESYS  . I think you need a Tokenmaster pro launcher. It was written somewhere on the forum but maybee you can ask Tokenmaster.
Q: Have a good success if the coding of the G series?
A:  I have successfully coded the G Series. You need Pro Launcher.
Q:  Do we know if it is possible to code the G series?
A:  Coding is possible with E-SYS, but the problem is CAFD mapped / trimmed on new ECUs. But for ECU excisting is not a problem (BDC_BODY, NBT2, ACSM etc.)
Q: Can I code G11 with Esys?
A:  I tried to code G11 today.
My level I is S15A-16-07-506, used data 5.94.
I found the S15A target in Esys.
S15A psdzdata covers F090 / G001 / G002 / G011 / G012 / G030 / G031 / G032 / RR11 / RR12 / RR31
Q:  Could you share with me the token and activation code of your launcher?
R:  It’s not possible. The token and the activation code are valid for 1 PC only. Here is how it works: you ask Token Master, it sends a token, you install Launcher Pro with the token, Launcher generates the request code, you send it to Token Master, it sends you the activation code in response.
Q: Which E-sys can be used for G-series coding?
A:  E-Sys:
S15A psdzdata covers G001 / G002 / G011 / G012 / G013 / G30 / G031 / G032
S15C covers psdzdata G008 / G038
Q: Which tool for the G series?
A:  I am perfectly aware of what ICOM Next is and I have it.
Icom   then runs a gigabyte LAN port. So, if the router and the laptop are also running Gigabyte ports you increase the speed, it’s only if the car and the software allow it.
The next Icom is also faster for G Series cars that I also suspect have a gigabyte Ethernet bus.
In addition, it has USB3.0 instead of USB2.0 and a better wifi card.
Q: Which BMW ICOM can I use for G30?
A  :  Any  icom will   work, but to be safe with Series I vehicles, use a dedicated router because kafas huh and some other modules will crash if you do not use a router it handles switches for ethernet like these modules use more than one path way, in short, it uses all 4 wires of two pairs and without router not good, it has worked for me for quite some time now good luck. note that my router does not connect to wan
Q:  Which tool is used for the G30 flash or coding?
A  :  Flashed all cars with Icom Next and Aos Online with DHCP on the router. Since I never have any problem with NBT or other. Flash E / F / G with this configuration.
Note that Online Aos is the online version of BMW software for diagnostics, programming many other things.
Q: How to do G30 coding?
A:  BMW G30 has a lot of differences in ECU, so I wanted to share my discoveries here.
– This is not a complete list of options but options that are unique from the standard options on recent models.
– SVT Play does not work, use Read ECU instead.
– Make sure the vehicle engine is running before pressing the Read ECU button, otherwise you will not get the full list of ECUs.
ECU: SAS [Driver Assistance Systems]
Default distance ACC: C_Abstandsstufe_init -> Set to 2
Blind spot detection: Note that the G30 has several blind spot detection modules and you must set the Speed ​​setting for each. For each radar module, there is a separate KMH and MPH setting, so 6 in total.
for example
C_LCA_SWW_Vmin_KMH – set at 55 km / h
C_LCA_SWW_Vmin_MPH – set to option 0 (Werte 22)
ECU: HU_NBT [Main unit]
G30 has a hardware limitation and max Video-In-Motion you can get via E-sys is 63 km / h (about 39 mph). After following the standard VIM coding, make sure that
ECU: DKOMBI [Instrument Group]
ECU: IHKA [Climate Control] – Not tested
This coding value determines whether the previous settings (last function) should be used when switching from Auto mode to manual mode, in manual mode, or whether the “Auto” settings should be used when changing from car mode to manual mode .
Default: AKTIV (Active) = 01
HO coding to be able to manipulate the frontal adjustment of the ventilation (if necessary, in the case of special requests from large-scale customers)
3003 -> VERTRIMMUNG_BEL_FRONT (Front side)
keine = 00
3003 -> VERTRIMMUNG_FUSS_FRONT (Front feet)
keine = 00
keine = 00 (No)
Kaelter = 01 (colder)
waermer = 02 (warmer)
ECU: BDC_Body -> 1DF7 – Comfort Access Settings
3514 PMaster has access to related parameters
ECU: ACSM – Security Parameters
Settings for seat belt reminders and others

Launch GOLO EZcheck: A New Powerful OBDII Scanner for DIYers

There is a new powerful scanner released by Launch called Launch GOLO EZcheck which could connect to your iPhone / Android Phone. It turns your iphone or Android phone into a powerful and professional OBD2 Scanner which helps you to save time and money before going to workshop.
How does Launch GOLO EZcheck work?
Golo EZcheck is a plug-and-play scanner, once plugged into your vehicle’s 16pin OBDII DLC, the unit will power up and prompt you to start your ignition and access to engine control units, if your vehicle has a Check Engine Light on, EZcheck can read the error codes, find out what the problem is, and perhaps fix it.
GOLO EZcheck Functions:
  1. Easily determines the cause of the “Check Engine Light (MIL)”.
  2. Reads hard (memory)/pending (intermittent) and historic codes and show definitions.
  3. Turns off Check Engine Light (MIL), clears codes and resets monitors.
  4. I/M monitor readiness test.
  5. Retrieves vehicle information (VIN).
  6. Read data stream
GOLO EZcheck Car Repair Report
It provides a professional car repair report for specific DTCs.
GOLO EZcheck vehicle coverage:
Works on most 1996 US-based, 2000 EU-based and Asian cars and newer OBDII & CAN vehicles
* Works on 12V vehicle battery ONLY
*  Must be 16 PIN OBD II protocol

How to Install Activate Cummins Insite Pro and Lite on Windows 10

Here are the step-by-step guides on installing & activating Cummins Insite Pro version and Lite (Count) version on Windows 10 (including patch download).
Software version:
cummins-insite-8-20-pro-02 cummins-insite-8-20-pro-03
Difference between insite 8.2 Pro version and Lite Version:
Pro version including all function of Lite version, and also including Automotive Calibrations Data Cummins INCAL and Reflash ECU data, read & write ECU
Multi-language available: English(united states)/Chinese(simplified)/Danish/Dutch/Finnish/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Korean/Norwegian/Portuguese/Russian/Spanish/Swedish/Turkish
Compatible truck diagnostic tools:
1.Cummins INLINE 6 Data Link Adapter
2.Cummins INLINE 5 Data Link Adapter
3.DPA5 Dearborn Protocol Adapter 5 Heavy Duty Truck Scanner
5.XTruck USB Link
6.AUGOCOM H8 Truck Diagnostic Tool
Operating system: Windows 7-Windows 10
Windows 10 you should disable anti-virus program and run software as administrator. 

Part 1: Install & Activate Cummins INSITE 8.2.0 Lite version

First you need to download patch for Lite version
Step 1: Install INSITE 820 Lite software
Open software folder

Extract INSITE8.20.184 zip file to desktop
Open INSITE8.20.184 folder

Open autorun
Select Manual Install Options->Required Installs->Install INSITE

Select INSITE language
Install Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 Full
Install INSITE Data Pack

Accept INSITE Data Pack license agreement
Click Next
Finish Install data pack

Install INSITE CSS Service
Click Next

Verify PC date and time.
INSITE contains features which are dependent upon an accurete PC date and time. Please verify that
the date and time settings are correct before continuing the installation.
Tick “I have verified hat the date and time settings are correct”
Click Next
Accept license agreement
Click Install

Finish install INSITE software
This will generate Cummins INSITE software on desktop
Step 2: Activate INSITE 8.2 Lite version
Run Cummins INSITE software as administrator (very important)
Accept 2 license agreements
Select Simulator Mode
Exit INSITE software

Delete all files on desktop

Download INSITE 820 Count patch above and paste it to desktop

Run “820 Count” file and send the SN (hardware ID) to your dealer
Dealer will send you user name and activation key

Enter user name and activate here
Click on Register

Registration success. Now you can use Cummins Insite Lite version.

Part II: Install & Activate Cummins INSITE 8.2.0 Pro version

First you need to download patch for activation as well
Step 1: Install INSITE Pro software
Extract INSITE8.20.184 pro zip file to desktop
Open INSITE8.20.184 folder
Open autorun
Select Manual Install Options->Required Installs->Install INSITE
Select INSITE language
Install Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 Full
Install INSITE Data Pack
Accept INSITE Data Pack license agreement
Click Next
Finish Install wizard
Install INSITE CSS Service
Click Next
Click Next
Verify PC date and time.
INSITE contains features which are dependent upon an accurete PC date and time. Please verify that
the date and time settings are correct before continuing the installation.
Tick “I have verified hat the date and time settings are correct”
Click Next
Accept license agreement
Click Install
Finish install INSITE software
Step 2: Activate INSITE 8.2.0 Pro verison
Run Cummins INSITE software as administrator (very important)
Accept 2 license agreements
Select Simulator Mode
Exit INSITE sofware
Delete all files on desktop

Download Cummins INSITE 8.2.0 pro pacth and paste it on desktop
Run “820 Pro” file and send the SN to the dealer
Dealer will send you User name and register key
Paste user name and register key here.
Now you have activated the INSITE Pro software.
Start using the software.

2014 Maserati Ghibli smart key program using SKP1000 tablet key pro

Step-by-step procedure on 2014 Maserati Ghibli smart key program using SKP1000 tablet key pro.
Please be informed:
You will read a word “Tap”, yes, SKP1000 tablet key pro is allowed to use finger to touch the screen which is much easier to find out the car brand and functions compared with Superobd SKP900.
Tap ” Smart key (new)”
Tap “IMMO”
Please choose: OBDII connector and turn on ignition, tap “Press” to go on and “No” to back.
There are 3 options: add smart key, delete smart key and password selection. We go to ” password selection”
Have password: 8971, tap “NO” to back.
Turn on the emergency light and turn off the ignition, tap “Yes” to continue.
Let the smart key which needs to be programmed stay in the car, and take other keys out of the car. tap “Yes” to continue, tap “NO” to back.
Please input the password.
Configuring system, please wait 1 minute.
Within 30 seconds, close the smart key to the start button and press the “Unlock” key, then tap “Yes” to continue.
Program smart key successfully, tap “No” to back.
Use the new smart key to start 2014 Maserati Ghibli.
Thanks to SKP1000 tablet key programmer. It is very easy to use.

Peugeot 308 2015 remote key program via OBD with SKP1000 & VVDI2

Topic: How to program Peugeot 308 2015 remote key via OBD with SKP1000 key programmer, and read the pin code with Xhorse VVDI2 PSA tool.
Part 1: get the Peugeot 308 pin code before entering the immobilizer system.
To program Peugeot 308 remote key, it requires pin code as the same as Citroen.
The remote frequency is 433MHZ, electronic 46 chip, after the chip programs successfully the remote control automatically generates.
The Peugeot 308 OBD location:
3 ways to get the get the Peugeot 308 pin code:
  1. Ask the 4S or the service center for help, or find out the pin code in the password card. Pros: reliable and not expensive.
  2. Calculate the pin code by reading out the Body ECU or BSI data. Cons: it is not easy and risky to remove the ECU and BSI.
  3. Use a machine to read the pin code. For example, this time I use VVDI2.
Open VVDI2, click on “Peugeot”
Click on “Read Pin code”, and get message “Turn on ignition”.
Read out pin code successfully and to program remote key.
Part 2: Program Peugeot 308 2015 remote key with SKP1000 key pro
Tap ” Peugeot” then “Via car model”, then “308”
Please choose: OBDII adapter and turn on the ignition, “Yes” to continue, “No” to back.
Input the pin code that read out by VVDI2 PSA tool
Close all car doors, close the trunk, click “Yes” to continue.
Turn off the ignition, then turn on the ignition, tap “Yes” to continue.
Program Peugeot 308 remote key successfully, if program the next key? tap “Yes” to continue and “NO” to back.
The remote control will automatically generate, if it doesn’t work, turn the ignition to the ON position, then press the remote control button for two times.


How to use CN900 Mini and CN3 to Copy Chrysler ID46 Key

Here’s guide to clone a chip key on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep that requires sniffing aka snooping using the CN900 Mini or ND900 mini cloning machine. This particular vehicle is a 2014 Jeep Wrangler and used a Y159-SH with a CN3 chip inside.
Insert a original key into CN900 mini’s antenna
Select Read & Copy function
CN900mini identified chip type
Click on DECODE button
The original key ID: 5CCBE368
Insert the original key into vehicle’s ignition switch, with the sniff-antenna close to it.
Turn ignition on and then off, repeat 5 times
Sniff data completed
Insert original key into mini cn900‘s coil again
Reading data. Don’t remove the transponder.
Decoding 46 chip.. wait until it process to 100%.
Remove original key.
Insert new key with CN3 chip inside
Click on COPY button
Clone Jeep ID46 chip key success
Now you can start vehicle with the new key.

How to make Cummins Insite 8.2.0 work with Nexiq usb link

Cummins INSITE truck software is compatible with Inline 5Inline 6, DPA5, Nexiq and Xtruck data link adapters. Here’s the guide on use INSIET 8.2 with Nexiq usb link.
Download INSITE 8.2.0 patch
Step 1: Install Nexiq drivers
Run USB-Link_9.5.0.1 setup on desktop as Administrator
Click Next to start install NEXIQ USB Link drivers
Accept copyright notice
Click Next
Installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2005
Click Next to install Device Tester Setup
Accept license agreement
Tick Device Tester Install, click Next
Install software on C:/Program Files/NEXIQ/Device Tester,click Install
Click Next
Device tester setup installation completed. Click Finish
Accept windows security warning
NEXIQ USB link drivers installation completed.
Click Finish.
Restart computer
Step 2: Install INSITE
Extract INSITE8.2.0.184 zip folder to desktop
Open INSITE 8.2.0 folder
Open autorun
Click Manual Install Options->Required Installs->Install INSITE
Select software language
Install Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5 Full, INSITE data pack, INSITE CSS service
Verify PC date and time, click Next
Accpet license agreement
Finish install INSITE 8.2 software
Step 3: Activate INSITE 8.2.0
Run Cummins INSITE software on dekstop as Administrator
Accept 2 license agreements
Exit INSITE software
Delete all INSITE files on desktop
Download and paste the Cummins INSITE 8.2.0 pro or lite version patach on desktop
Run “820 PRO” and send the ID to your dealer
The dealer will send you user name and activation key
Paste user name and registration key to corresponding area
Click on Register.
Activation success.
Now you can use INSITE software with NEXUQ/Xtruck USB Link hardware.