Automobile Fault Diagnosis and troubleshooting tips

Symptoms of car trouble, also known symptoms, is a concrete manifestation of failure, its essential grouped together, can help diagnose the cause of failures and site to help the driver take corresponding measures depending on the circumstances.
  First, some faults may cause abnormal sound or abnormal sound of automobile engine chassis parts, should be taken seriously, it will easily lead to mechanical accidents. Experience has shown that: where the sound is heavy, and accompanied with the earthquake phenomenon more steep the malignant fault, should immediately stop, investigate the cause. General sound often due to different causes and with different characteristics, in judging, you should carefully check to listen properly resolved.
  Second, the smoke color is not normal for gasoline, the normal exhaust should be no smoke, when the cylinder channeling oil, gas blue; incomplete combustion, black; oil mixed with water, white . Diesel exhaust is not normal, the engine is often weak or not easily launch of epiphenomenon.
  Third, uncontrolled shaking or tremor primarily by front wheel alignment is not correct, crank or shaft imbalance caused.
  Fourth, leakage Leakage is usually even fuel, lubricating oil, cooling water, brake fluid and steering fluid, etc., which should not be underestimated, should be excluded if it is found immediately, otherwise it will cause overheating, burning and so on.
  Fifth, the fuel consumption of abnormal lip material is generally bad engine or chassis adjustment improper. Excessive oil consumption, in addition to leakage reasons, most of the engine malfunction, then add oil mouth is often accompanied by a lot of smoke or pulsating smoke, exhaust color is not normal, mainly due to mainly the piston and cylinder wall the gap is too large or heavy wear.
  Sixth, there is a special smell often dragging brake, clutch slipping when coke smell, engine overheating or oil combustion, emits a special odor; burning when grounding wire short circuit also smell. Driving Once found, you should stop pinpoint the problem.
  Seven cars look more abnormal the reasons from the chassis, suspension, tires and other abnormalities caused. Direction will cause instability, driving wandering, weight transfer, wheels eat tires and other ills. Together, these symptoms are easy to detect, can be excluded should be resolved on the spot as soon as possible, if not, they should contact the repair shop for a comprehensive Attorney.
  Eight condition called mutation mutation conditions, the work refers to the sudden appearance of a car is not a normal phenomenon, which is more common failure symptoms, usually sudden, failing should calmly handle. Common: the engine suddenly stalled after launching difficult, or even launch; reduce engine power suddenly in motion, the traveling weakness; moving suddenly Zhidongshiling or deviation, etc., although this failure symptoms, easy to detect, but it complex causes, and often by the gradual change to mutation, so the case at this time, you should be cool to pull, as no recommendation to the maintenance of the service experience.
  Nine, overheating overheating, usually manifested in the engine, transmission, drive axle and brake assembly. Normal circumstances, no matter how long the car work, which should be kept at a certain total Chengdu temperature. In addition to the engine, if hand contact, feeling hot and unbearable pain, that is an indication that overheating. Description cooling system consists of engine overheating problems, if not removed, will cause detonation, preignition, with weakness, or even cause accidents burning solution.

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